Friday, July 8, 2011

New and Exciting Times

It seems I'm beginning to take part in some classic "newbie" behaviour:
  1. It's not even mid-July and I've already emailed my principal with a list of annoying but necessary questions
  2. I've created and added all of my students to a class wiki and blog (can I just say that kidblogs is awesome)
  3. I've ordered my preferred phonics literacy system and eagerly await its arrival
  4. I spend my "free time" reading early literacy and mathematics books
  5. I've renewed my membership to Intelligence Online/Galileo Network and began seeking out inquiry projects
And, I'm not going to lie, this list is just going to keep growing. It's all so exciting though!
These are some of the resources I'm finding really helpful right now:

In writing this, however, I am beginning to remind myself about teacher self care and how that can impact teaching. I need to consciously make sure that I enjoy normal summer things before the hectic school year begins. It's exciting to feel this passionate about work though. I feel like the child in Vivian Paley's A Child's Work, which focuses on the importance of learning through play. I'm experiencing the adult version, learning through engagement.