Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Excited

Well, I'm finally here. I've known for a while that I really need to improve my technological savvy and I'm well on my way with this course. I'm really excited to see the newest technologies that can be used in teaching and particularly interested in considering their potential in an early childhood setting. I need some more ideas on how the early childhood classroom can provide students with useful access to technology, how that can be achieved, and to what extent it should. It's obvious, from literature and personal experience, that young children are easily engaged in learning when technology is being used and when they have access to that technology. That said, I also feel that there are a lot of inappropriate ways to use technology, such as simply replacing the chalk board with a smart board.

I'm excited about the possibilities for using technology to connect parents to their children's learning and connect students to their communities. Let the journey begin!

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