Friday, January 21, 2011

GoogleDocs Presentation

GoogleDocs! Where have you been all my (academic) life??? What a wonderful tool. Some of the stand-out moments for me this morning follow:
Forms: Anything that makes my life easier is excellent. I love the way the forms automatically organize themselves with a time stamp. Personally, if I can type feedback, you're going to get way more out of me. That's why having a questionaire in Google Forms is appealing.
Earth: This is something that I already knew about but had conveniently forgotten. Now that it's been reintroduced, I'm pondering its potential in the classroom. I *love* that it's free!
Docs: I'm in love. What an excellent collaborative tool for teachers and students alike. I also appreciated Michele's idea about giving an adminstrator access. As probationary status teachers that need someone to provide us with evaluations, Google Docs could be a great way of keeping your administrator(s) in the loop. The fact that it can be accessed at any time is highly convenient and you don't have to concern yourself with USBs.

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  1. GoogleEarth is such an amazing online, spatial environment -- I am particularly amazed by the high quality showcases that help me to imagine all sorts of possible uses of GoogleEarth for learning and playful exploration: