Friday, February 4, 2011

Jing, Calgary Public Library, KeepVid

How can you get your students focused on proper research tools for an inquiry project?

E-library databases: library pays for them, you have access through your library card membership
  • student research center: teacher resources (incl. ERIC), curriculum Standards for Canada
Jing: screen capturing (including sound)
  • tutorial for students that they can access whenever, go at their own pace (pause, rewind)
  • good for PD? (I thought of this during the presentation. This could be used to record your teaching and reflect.)
  • tutorials on the site
Newspaper Direct Press Display (CPL)
  • many languages
  • reliable
  • can click on specific countries to find their newpapers
  • get different perspectives
  • RSS feeds
  • Interactive Radio: involove your ESL students for translating
The Free Dictionary (see Lucy's blog)

  • copy/paste video URL
  • similar to Delicious but in video format
  • saves onto your computer and doesn't require internet access to play
  • can save onto USB
  • not affected by school firewalls
  • plays in iTunes
Awesome, useful presentation! Thanks guys!

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