Friday, February 11, 2011

Student Showcase on Prezi

Today we had the opportunity to present on a new presentation tool: Prezi
Throughout the process of creating this presentation, I learned a lot about Prezi and gained experience in working with it so that I became more efficient with it. I think this will help me if I'm using it with students one day.

As the three of us approached this topic, we were able to brainstorm some out of the box ways to use Prezi. The one that I chose to focus on was assessment, mainly because I'm really passionate about it and I think it's so incredibly important. I attempted to use Prezi as a means of documentation for student learning. In retrospect, I probably should have mentioned this specifically, rather than just putting it under the big banner of "assessment". That's just my early childhood-centricness coming out again. In ECE a lot of the work students create is highly visual and involves way less text. I failed to view this assessment piece from a secondary perspective which may not have demonstrated such successful usefulness. That said, I was glad to see how Jennifer was pondering its use in secondary art teaching.

Ultimately, it's not that I think Prezi should be used for assessment, but that it can in many cases. I really enjoy its possibilities, however, in creating showcases for parent-teacher interviews. I hope that we were able to provide the group with enough useful information to begin playing with Prezi and avoiding a lot of the frustrating pitfalls!


  1. I really liked the idea about using Prezi as a portfolio and documentation tool -- either students or teachers, or by working together, the Prezi space could be used to document learning during a month, a semester or a year. Neat idea.

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