Friday, March 25, 2011

Comic Life Presentation

Comic Life

I really like the way comic life gives so much freedom for creative expression. They way you can change colours, shapes, pictures, etc. makes it personalized and you know you won't get a single one that looks the same as another. When I've used comic life, I've enjoyed the way it allows me to choose items and designs that reflect my tone, mood, and other feelings.

What an interesting idea: storyboarding! Good point about how artistically "challenged" (i.e. in physically drawing something) people can still express creative ideas by using comic life.
Can Comic Life only operate on a Mac? No! On their website they have Mac and PC options! How is it published? Can it be uploaded somewhere for remote access?

Quite possibly my favourite thing about Comic Life is how accessible and engaging it is for all age levels! Okay, Kindergarten might be a stretch but I have seen it used successfully with Grade one. How could it be used in Kindergarten?

This is too cool not to mention. On the break before this presentation, I was on my phone checking in on the twitter activity. Neil Stephenson had tweeted about the inquiry blog from Calgary Science School  so I clicked on it to check out some of their stuff. I pulled up the most recent one with a cartoon picture. I just started to read when our presenters began. Low and behold, the presenters ended up on the same page to discuss an example of how to use Comic Life! We're now replicating the process!

Picasa. I don't understand yet why you need this. Can't you just use any photo uploader? You can alter the photos there. For example, you can use soft focus.

Thank you guys! Comic Life has so many possibilities!

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  1. It does have possibilities.

    To answer your question about Picasa, yes, most photo up loaders do the same thing. I like how it takes the photos straight through the camera to the uploading stage though (via Google webalbums). No real differences between a stock uploader, but it is free and I think it just "feels" better than most.